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Hi I'm Sonya Uribe, Founder  of  Evenio

I'm often described by friends and colleagues as gregarious, graceful, genuine, reliable, energetic and passionate about what I do. I discovered my passion for events when I first moved to New York City to model for the Haute Couture Fashion designer, Oscar de la Renta.  While walking the runways of the major fashion capitals of the world, I realized I enjoyed the behind the scenes hustle as much as I did being on stage. I asked to be involved in the planning and development of the shows, in addition to walking the catwalk, and that planted the seed for future ventures. 


From there, I went on to complete a Bachelors degree from Fordham University in Media and Communication studies. This led to an extensive career at NBC Universal in New York, where I continued to hoan my planning, production and management skills. 


Fast forward to 2019, settled in a new country with my Australian partner, dog and two magnificent kids, I was ready to embark on another adventure and Evenio Events was born.


From planning fashion shows to producing television and managing charitable events, I bring  20 years of experience from the U.S. to the Australian market. 

Now lets plan your perfect event!

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